CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Immigration: Don’t Be ‘Cavalier’ About the Suffering of Black and Brown People!


A discussion on CNN this afternoon got heated this afternoon over the plight of separated migrant families.

CNN reported on some heart-wrenching audio today of two mothers emotionally pleading for their children in an immigration court.

Former Democratic lawmaker Nina Turner said the anguish in their voices is something every American should be able to understand.

At one point, she continued:

“This country specializes in vilifying black and brown folks. Let’s just be clear. The President picked that narrative about gang activity deliberately because he’s picking that narrative to explain, you know, our Hispanic… sisters and brothers. He doesn’t use that narrative with other immigrants in this country. Even when he made the ‘shithole country’ comment, he was talking about countries and nations of color. So let’s not delude ourselves. This is a deliberate narrative that the president has used. It’s a deliberate policy that his administration has put in place to dehumanize black and brown people in this country and it plays to a certain segment of this country.”

Pro-Trump operative David Urban shot back by saying Trump “wanted to have a pathway for citizenship for 2 million illegals,” asking, “How’s that a racist policy?”

As they went back and forth, conservative commentator Mary Katharine Ham remarked, “I do look forward to the midterm pitch that the United States of America specializes in vilifying black and brown people. I do not think that works for Democrats.”

Turner offered to give her some examples, saying, “Next year, 1919, it’ll be 400 years since the first Africans were brought to this continent as slaves. So it’s not a pitch, it’s a reality in this country. And the fact you’re taking such a cavalier attitude about the suffering of black and brown people in the country is appalling. It’s absolutely appalling. Are you trying to say that this country does not specialize in racism and bigotry?”

Ham said racism does exist, but Turner shot back, “You have the luxury to be cavalier about it. But people, my folks don’t have the luxury.”

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi lamented how Trump “plays on this division,” but Urban shot back that he isn’t the first president to do so, saying, “You specialize in this stuff, buddy!”

Trippi said he’s engaging in whataboutism as Urban said, “You spin for a living!… You’ve never run a negative ad against somebody?”

Trippi asked, “What does that have to do with the President of the United States… deciding to divide the American people along deep-seated divisions that need to be healed and brought together?”

Urban said that the politics of race are bad “on both sides,” and Turner immediately shot back by saying, “He didn’t invent racism…u but to have people who are not black and brown to be cavalier around this panel, I am highly offended.”u

Watch above, via CNN.

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