CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Updated List of Trump False Statements: Aren’t You Alarmed by the Sheer Number?

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell has taken to putting President Donald Trump‘s lies into perspective with gumballs, and as 2018 winds down he checked in one more time on the thousands of false or misleading claims from the President as documented by the Washington Post.

The most recent Post tally is 7,546, and Blackwell showed off the 14 jars full of gumballs they’ve filled.

He asked New York City councilman Joseph Borelli, “I understand you support the president’s policies, you support his judicial appointments, his performance with the economy thus far, but are you not alarmed by just the sheer number of provable false claims the president makes?”

Borelli said he’s not alarmed, arguing that Trump is known for speaking in “hyperbole” and a “braggadocious manner.” He added that he didn’t see any “gumball game” when Barack Obama was president.

When he said there’s a “holier than thou standard” in the media, Blackwell jumped in and brought up Trump’s false claim to troops in Iraq about their pay. “Part of the reason you didn’t see this type of display and the continuing tally,” he responded, “was that there weren’t so many per day.”

Richard Painter, former Bush White House ethics lawyer, said that Trump is clearly a liar who’s lied his entire life.

You can watch above, via CNN.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the full video of the panel discussion, which was edited down for a re-airing this morning.

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