CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails When Alan Dershowitz Complains About ‘Black Lives Matter’


The big story on Thursday centered on former football star OJ Simpson’s parole hearing. With Simpson obtaining his parole after nine years in prison for a Las Vegas robbery, a lot of cable news discussion was naturally focused on the ‘Trial of the Century’ and Simpson’s acquittal of murder charges. Well, one of Simpson’s lawyers in that culture-shifting event showed up on CNN Thursday evening and got himself involved in a very heated discussion about race.

During a panel discussion featuring two other attorneys and anchor Don Lemon, Alan Dershowitz mixed it up with civil rights lawyer Areva Martin over the issue of race and the justice system. After Martin said she’d been getting criticized all day for talking about race within the context of this parole hearing, Dershowitz took issue, claiming that this was the “real problem with American justice.”

“The hypocrisy here is that African Americans — there was a huge divide in the country around the verdict, the acquittal, with respect to OJ Simpson,” Martin responded. “And the very same people who are castigating OJ Simpson have stood by people who have done far worse than OJ Simpson.”

She added, “We know African Americans are disproportionately impacted from everything to how they’re prosecuted to how they’re sentenced. It’s not apples to apples when you talk about black men in the criminal justice system.”

And then it broke down.

“That’s the problem when I hear Black Lives Matter start to come out in favor of due process for white policeman and everybody, then I’ll take that argument seriously,” Dershowitz exclaimed. “I haven’t seen any evidence of that. Today Black Lives Matter, only black lives matter and the due process…”

“Why are we talking about Black Lives Matter?” Martin wondered aloud.

The two then began shouting over each other, arguing back and forth for a few moments more.

Watch the whole exchange above, via CNN.

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