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CNN Panel: Obama ‘Out-Leveraged’ By Putin, Syria Policy Has Been ‘Utter Failure’

CNN PanelThe Tuesday panel of CNN’s New Day panned the United States’ handling of the conflict in Syria, with panelists saying President Barack Obama had simply been “out-leveraged” and that the U.S. effort to train rebels was a complete failure.

CNN International host Christiane Amanpour noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had units deployed in Syria, which gave him a huge advantage in any negotiations. “It looks like Putin has skillfully, some might say, simply out-leveraged the United States, which is not there, has no skin in the game, has had no cards on the table,” she said.


Host John Berman detailed how Putin had 500 Russian troops in Syria, as well as dozens of aircrafts, tanks, armored vehicles, and surface-to-air missiles. “The U.S. has fifty guys they’ve trained. Fifty guys! Syrians they trained that occasionally hand their arms over to ISIS.”

“And four or five that made it to the battlefield,” agreed CNN’s Jim Sciutto. “That’s an utter failure. You heard Vladimir Putin poking fun at that U.S. effort to train rebels during his speech yesterday.”

“It becomes an indictment, again, as we saw in Iraq, of the Obama administration policy of train and equip. We spend a decade there, trillions of dollars training Afghan forces and they couldn’t hold this ground,” Sciutto said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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