CNN Panel on Trump’s Border Wall Goes Off the Rails: ‘I Wear Your Scorn as a Badge of Honor!’


Things got heated on CNN Friday night during a conversation about President Donald Trump‘s proposed border wall.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper got things started when he noted that according to a book, the wall “was an idea brought up, I think if I’m remembering, by Bannon” to talk about immigration.

“He’s not a tremendously informed guy and so the wall became an easy shorthand,” Republican strategist Rick Wilson replied.

Then, after noting walls don’t work, he added: “Donald Trump loves selling this to his base and, again, these are people who are not sophisticated, they are not bright, they do not understand the complexities…”

“Here we go with condescending to us,” former campaign operative Steve Cortes interrupted, taking offense at Wilson’s remark.

“Steve, if the shoe fits you gotta wear it!” Wilson snapped back.

“That is Donald Trump’s target audience,” he continued on. “He’s a con man who works unsophisticated people very successfully.”

“I wear your scorn as a badge of honor, Rick Wilson!” Cortes snapped before claiming “condescending political elites” like Wilson is the reason Trump won in 2016.

Wilson then called the wall a “con, a lie, a scam” before Cooper ended the segment and moved on.

Watch above, via CNN.

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