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CNN Panel Piles on Hillary for Not Speaking Publicly on Brexit: ‘Where Has She Been?’

cnn inside politicsThe CNN Inside Politics panel piled on Hillary Clinton this morning for not making any public statements on Brexit so far. (Donald Trump mostly talked about his golf course while in Scotland days ago, but he also publicly discussed Brexit too.)

The Clinton campaign put out a statement on Brexit and an ad attacking Donald Trump over it today, but that’s been pretty much it.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said that Brexit should be a “real wakeup call” for the Clinton camp, and host John King ran video of Obama appearing publicly to talk about Brexit and Trump.

And then he made this observation:

“Why on this Sunday morning is the leading Democratic criticism only coming from the president? Yes, there’s a new Clinton campaign ad out. Yes, that shows they’re nimble. But where was the former Secretary of State herself? She was down this week and there was some talk she might come out and do an off-the-record event to say something, but if she’s the calm steady leader that we’re supposed to have at this moment of turmoil in contrast to Trump, why did we not hear from her?”

The New York TimesJonathan Martin, CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson, and the AP’s Lisa Lerer all criticized the Clinton camp too, with Martin asking, “Where has she been for the last three days?”

Watch the full segment above, via CNN.

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