CNN Panel Piles on Jason Miller For Saying Left is Trying to Confiscate Guns: ‘You Know It’s Not True’

Ex-Trump aide Jason Miller got a strong rebuke today when he appeared on CNN and went on a tangent about liberals who want to take guns away from Americans after the Parkland massacre.

As the pro-gun control calls continue around the country in the wake of the mass shooting at a South Florida high school, Miller insisted that the country has to focus on mental health instead of trying to “confiscate an entire class of guns.”

When asked who specifically was calling for a blanket ban on guns, Miller said it was all over the left, which prompted the CNN panel — particularly host John Berman — to push back, repeatedly asking Miller to “hang on” in a testy exchange:

“You know it’s not true…The mental health discussion is something people want to have right now, background checks is something people want to have, and you are correct people are talking about assault weapons and a ban on assault weapons. No one that I have heard has gone further than the assault weapon ban that was in place for a decade, that confiscated nothing from no one. It banned sales of weapons of a certain class that were modified in a certain way, but I have never heard confiscation discussed any anywhere…and that’s the kind of language that inflames this debate.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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