CNN Panel Slams GOPer For Tying Dem ‘Angry Mobs’ to Scalise Shooting: ‘That’s Out of Bounds!’


A CNN panel got heated Friday night over the ongoing debate of “angry mobs.”

Don Lemon asked Republican strategist Alice Stewart why Republicans are using the “talking point” of angry mobs since they control all three branches of government and people who don’t agree with them are “exercising” their right to protest. Stewart argued that it isn’t a talking point but that it’s “reality.”

“They are angry and they’re acting in mob-like behavior,” Stewart told Lemon. “It started when the Republican members of Congress were at a baseball practice and a man came out and shot them. Ask Steve Scalise if there’s mob-like behavior.”

That didn’t sit well with Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen and Washington Post columnist Max Boot.

“Oh, don’t you dare accuse- that shooter was mentally ill, Alice!” Rosen exclaimed. “That’s out of bounds. So out of bounds.”

“That was a deranged maniac,” Boot added.

Stewart went on to the confrontations of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at restaurants and accused Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) of  “encouraging” people to “push back” against public officials in public.

“If you say that’s not mob-like mentality, I don’t know what is,” Stewart said to the panel.

Lemon then pressed Stewart on why she would compare the Alexandria shooting to “people who are protesting,” which she responded by saying that it’s the “angry and vitriol” against Republicans and conservatives since President Donald Trump won the election that “has to stop.”

Boot said it’s “ridiculous” to “try to blame Democrats” to the shooting, suggesting Stewart that she should look at the incitement from Trump and that the “only mobs” are at his rallies.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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