CNN Panel Unites Against Jason Miller Over Trump/O’Reilly Defense


On Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper led a panel on Billy O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News, and he opened one segment by showing an old clip of O’Reilly discussing panelist and CNN personality Van Jones. After joking about the clip, Jones called out President Donald Trump’s defense of O’Reilly, especially in light of how many times O’Reilly, Fox, and former network head Roger Ailes had settled. Trump surrogate Jason Miller spoke next and…bragged about Trump’s Electoral College win.

Then they were off to the races.

“You guys keep saying the same thing every time,” Jones said,”You guys say two things and it doesn’t work anymore. You say number one, it’s all fake news, that wasn’t fake news, and number two, because he got a bunch of votes, nothing now can stick to him. It’s just not true. His numbers now are in the garbage can because this stuff is starting to stick.” So Miller…brought up Hillary Clinton. “Your only argument isn’t about his character? It’s not about who he is?” Jones then added, astonished.

When Miller tried to explain how all of Trump and O’Reilly’s interactions “have been very professional,” former Fox analyst Kirstin Powers felt that she had to join in. “What does that have to do with anything?” She then noted that Trump himself said the same thing about Ailes during his own sexual harassment scandal and Miller tried to talk over her.

Check out the full clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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