CNN Panel Warns: VA Scandal Has Potential to Be ‘Runaway Political Crisis’ for Obama

On Wednesday, the White House announced that President Barack Obama will hold a previously unscheduled meeting with those members of his staff close to the scandal surrounding the Department Veterans Affairs, including his VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki. CNN’s politics panel on New Day noted that this was an acknowledgment of the gravity of that scandal, one that has the potential to frustrate Democrats in the midterms.

CNN anchor John King said that the president’s schedule does not include an address to the press, but he asked if the president might surprise the public and address the VA scandal. Bloomberg News reporter Margaret Talev said that was likely.

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“I hope that we do hear from the president today, and if we don’t he can’t wait much longer,” Talev noted. “What you’re seeing now is finally acknowledgment by the White House that this has potential to be a runaway political crisis through the midterm elections.”

She added that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Shinseki to remain in his post. King closed by saying he thought it was “likely” that Obama would address the VA scandal today.

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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