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CNN Panelist Goes Off: ‘GOP Women Are Trapped With Their Abuser — Which is Trump!’

CNN contributing opinion writer Anushay Hossain unleashed a firestorm against President Trump today over his defense of Rob Porter and refusal to acknowledged the allegations against him.

Hossain appeared on a panel discussion where the focus was on how Trump has yet to publicly express a word of sympathy to the women who have accused the White House aide of multiple instances of abuse. After the conversation touched on Trump’s troubling record on this issue, Hossain went on a full throttle diatribe as she blasted the president for slamming the claims as a “mere allegation” when John Kelly and other White House staffers were well aware of Porters’ embattled past.

“We are at a point now this goes beyond partisan politics. Violence against women is a human rights issue, and I want to reiterate my call to GOP and Republican women that it is time to get out. I feel like GOP women are trapped with their abuser, which is Trump. You guys have stood by him through pedophilia, through sexual assault…I want to say ‘enough is enough.’ We are at a pivotal moment in this country right now. The culture is shifting. This is a turning point for women’s rights and for violence against women. And you know what, the president just made clear to us, not that we needed him to stipulate this, is that he doesn’t back this movement, that a man’s denial – a white man’s denial – is worth more than a woman’s word, than a woman’s experience. I don’t want to pull this card, but I think in this situation I have to. As a mother, what is the message that we are sending to little girls? What is the message that is coming from this White House? Why is it so complicated and difficult for this president to say, no, this was wrong. Violence against women, domestic violence is wrong. He can’t even say it.”

Hossain continued to berate Trump’s lack of empathy throughout the panel, and she eventually took shots at Kellyanne Conway for her Sunday news media junket in defense of the president.

“Shame on you for making the Sunday talk show rounds yesterday and trying to defend this,” Hossain said. “I don’t know how these women look at their daughters in the face.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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