CNN Plotting Political Game Show to Confirm They Think Politics Is a Game

In further proof that cable news considers politics a sport, CNN is planning a political game show to be hosted by Anderson Cooper.

Per TVNewser, a pilot of the presidential trivia-based quiz show is set to air on President’s Day. If it does well the cable network plans to produce further episodes.

This is part of a general trend at CNN away from straight news and opinion shows and into more general interest or special feature fare, including everything from Anthony Bourdain to weed documentaries.

It’s not, however, entirely original: Steve Kornacki hosts a version of it on his morning show every weekend called “Up Against the Clock,” in which his panelists set up in front of Jeopardy-esque booths and do a wonk version of pub trivia. The very concept was savaged in a long-read by Jason Linkins on The Baffler:

But for a show launched and governed by the assumption that the cable news model needed more thoughtfulness, more listening, and less cheapness, this self-congratulatory segment produces a crashing off-note, veering perilously close to the sort of Beltway-insider grotesquerie that Kornacki and his MSNBC labelmates all claim to eschew. Its main aim seems to be to prove who’s with it and hip—and the answer, of course, is that everyone is brilliant.

CNN wants in on that.

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