comScore Ron Brownstein: Trump Ran the 'Most Racially Divisive Campaign Since George Wallace'

CNN Political Analyst: Trump Ran the ‘Most Racially Divisive Campaign Since George Wallace’

ron-brownsteineditedWhile discussing the ongoing anti-Trump protests on CNN this morning, political analyst Ron Brownstein noted that one of the reasons protesters are taking to the streets following Donald Trump’s election is because this wasn’t a normal election and a “cultural civil war.”

Following up host Carol Costello bringing up an incident at a Pennsylvania high school where students chanted “white power” in the halls while carrying a Trump sign, Brownstein was asked his perspective on what is going on in the country.

“I think the point of the protesters is to say this was not a normal election,” Brownstein said. “This was a cultural civil war.”

“Donald Trump ran, I think, objectively the most racially divisive campaign since George Wallace in 1968,” the analyst continued.

Brownstein also noted that while Trump won the electoral college, that in the end Hillary Clinton will have won the national popular vote by a larger margin than Al Gore did in 2000.

He further pointed out that the majority of those who voted against Trump also believe that he’s personally a racist and “deliberately exploited racial division.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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