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CNN Political Commentator Stuns Trump Spox by Blasting ‘Sick and Vile’ Wounded Warriors Stunt

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.11.25 AMThe fireworks were exploding early on Thursday morning ahead of the Fox News Republican debate, which frontrunner Donald Trump has repeatedly said he will not attend. On New Day, CNN Political Commentator Ben Ferguson duked it out with Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, eviscerating the spox in the process on the perceived hypocrisy of suddenly doing an event for the veterans when it’s politically advantageous.

The controversy in question stemmed from Trump’s announcement that in place of the Fox News debate, he will instead be holding an event at Drake University in Iowa and give “100% of the proceeds” to veterans and the Wounded Warriors. Ferguson saw right through that schtick, and blasted Trump, Pierson, and the campaign because of it.

“This is a sick and vile move by a guy who likes to throw those words around: Donald Trump,” said Ferguson to host Chris Cuomo, who did his best to moderate the scuffle with Pierson. “To use Wounded Warriors and their true battle scars to his political advantage, I would say this to Katrina: I’m not dumb enough to buy that this is about the veterans, because Donald Trump has never held an event for the veterans on his campaign.”

Ferguson invoked the infamous clip of Trump claiming that Senator John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured as a prisoner of war.

“Then you haven’t been paying attention to the Trump campaign!” Pierson shot back. “This is a business decision,” she attempted to lobby, though did not respond directly to Ferguson’s accusations that Trump has largely ignored the true issues at the heart of the veteran cause.

Ferguson shot back, “Are you running for President or are you running a business?… Don’t act like you’re holier than thou and doing this for the greater good when all you’re talking about is how much money people are going to make tonight.”

Check out the heated exchange above via CNN.
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