CNN Poll: 58% of Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of ISIS

A new poll reveals rapidly shifting attitudes towards the conflict against ISIS, with 58% of Americans disapproving of how the Obama administration is dealing with the terrorist threat — and even 46% of Democrats disapprove.

The poll, conducted by CNN/ORC, noted that this number was up from September, in which 49% of respondents disapproved of Obama’s plan to handle ISIS. In addition, 54% do not approve of his handling of terrorism in general, 57% disapprove of “his handling of foreign affairs more broadly,” and 60% disapprove of his handling of electronic security. So basically, it’s pretty bad stuff all around.

Part of the change in public opinion likely comes from the terrorist group’s propaganda machine — whose viral content contains violent imagery of beheadings, burnings, and mass executions — as well as the rise in religiously motivated shootings throughout Europe, and the recent Sony hacks possibly executed by the North Korean government.

And Americans are calling for a strong response as well: 77% agreed with Obama’s decision to ask Congress to “authorize military response against ISIS.”

Watch below via CNN:

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