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CNN Polled People on Whether Aliens Abducted MH370

CNN, perhaps having finally run out of story developments on MH370, found a perfect way to continue covering it: poll people! Polls, as we know from increasingly lengthy election cycles, are always news.

According to a poll conducted late last week, CNN found 79% of us think there are no survivors from the plane that’s been missing two months now. 42% think hijackers took the airplane down, while 57% suspect terrorism to have been afoot. Meanwhile, 9% believe space aliens or beings from another dimension were involved, so apparently CNN polled its own employees.

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The pollsters also helpfully informed respondents that “there are no right or wrong answers” on the cause of the disappearance:


Incidentally, 46% say we’ll never know what happened. To CNN, those are just quitters.

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