CNN Reportedly Considering Talk Shows And Reality Shows To Help Boost Ratings

It is like “that moment when MTV decided to stop playing music videos,” described one TV producer when giving the New York Post some inside knowledge on CNN’s plans to use late-night talk shows and reality programming as a way to jump-start the cable news network’s low ratings.

Citing internal documents, the Post wrote Monday that CNN executives have made the rounds with Hollywood talent agencies and reality producers, putting together ideas for a late-night talk show in the style of The View, some weekend reality TV programs to complement celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain‘s new CNN show, and seeking out new hosts from outside the cable news world (with Bourdain as the prototype).

Despite its profitability, the news network has experienced 20-year lows in a variety of ratings metrics. Network president Jim Walton recently stepped down from his post, fueling speculation that the network is looking to make drastic changes at every level.

The Post also claims that Anderson Cooper “appears to be the only one safe in the network’s primetime lineup, say those who have talked with programming officials there.”

CNN has issued a statement to Mediaite, included below:

CNN, which recently announced the hiring of Anthony Bourdain as a contributor, is continuing to explore other non-fiction original series for the weekend. We routinely pursue new talent and programming concepts within the news category and often shoot pilots for any number of our networks.

[h/t New York Post]

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