CNN Reporter Challenges White House over Its Own Male-Female Pay Gap

During Wednesday afternoon’s press briefing, CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski challenged Press Sec. Josh Earnest over reports that the White House hasn’t narrowed the pay gap between the average salaries of male and female employees since President Obama’s first took office.

According to the Washington Post, the current pay gap stands at 13 percent — the same as it was after Obama’s 2009 inauguration. With that in mind, Kosinski asked how this factors into the White House’s messaging against the national gender pay gap.

“The statistic that’s cited about the country is about 77 cents on the dollar, and here at the White House it’s 88 cents on the dollar,” Earnest replied. “So the White House is doing appreciably better than the country is, more broadly, but we still have more work to do.”

Asked whether the averages may not be the metric to evaluate the pay gap, based on the White House’s own discrepancy, Earnest explained: “The people who have the same title [at the White House] make the same amount. Essentially, they get equal pay for equal work. There’s no question that’s the case.”

However, he later conceded, “I wouldn’t hold up the White House as the perfect example here.

Watch below, via White House:

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