CNN Reporter Corrects Anchor for Calling Tea Partiers ‘Radicals’

During Around the World on Thursday afternoon, CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to adjust the anchor’s rhetoric by telling him to be “careful” when using the term “tea party radicals” to describe the conservative politicians who voted against the bill that ended the government shutdown.

Anchor Michael Holmes wanted to ask the D.C.-based reporter about whether those conservative politicians will continue their pursuit against Obamacare because they reside in “safe” districts and are unlikely to face pushback from voters.

“The sort of tea party radicals, if you like, who kicked all of this off, they electorally are safe,” he began. “They’re not going to lose their seats because of redistricting and the like. They’re more about ideology than pragmatism or bipartisanship. What chance they’re going to change their minds at all when we get to January and it’s talk time again?”

Before answering the question, Acosta briefly lectured his colleague on using that term: “Well, Michael, I mean, first of all, let’s be careful about using the term “radical,” because a lot of those folks feel like they’re standing on principle today, even though they didn’t come out on top in this.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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