CNN Reporter Dings Major Garrett for Tweet On Air Joking About Jeb Bush Killing Himself

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 9.33.35 PMCBS News crossed a line of poor taste even by this election cycle’s standards, if CNN’s Dylan Byers is to be believed. Former Florida Governor and struggling presidential hopeful Jeb Bush weathered a barrage of Twitter mockery earlier Tuesday when he tweeted a photograph of a personalized handgun captionned, simply, “America.”

One of the responses to Gov. Bush’s post made its way onto a national news broadcast, as CBS News’ Major Garrett read it on air to illustrate the dispiriting state of Bush’s campaign:

“Your campaign is dying. please, Governor Bush, don’t take your own life.” Only in jest, but it shows you how painful things have become for Bush in South Carolina.

That brief aside brought a quick denunciation from CNN’s Byers, who tweeted disapprovingly about Garrett’s onscreen mention:

Technically speaking, the tweet was about Bush not taking his own life, but clearly, Byers thought it was no laughing matter in any case. Thus far, Major Garrett hasn’t responded to the criticism, probably because Byers’ tweet wasn’t addressed to him, but we will update you if he does.

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