CNN Reporter: MH370 Coverage Bought Us Time for VA Story

According to POLITICO’s Hadas Gold, CNN’s roundly-mocked obsessive coverage of missing Malaysian flight MH370 bought a CNN investigative reporting team more time to nail down a story on secret waitlists at a Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital, the story that metastasized into the current VA scandal.

Drew Griffin, who led the investigation that culminated in last month’s report “A Fatal Wait,” said the network’s focus on the plane allowed his team to finalize the story, at which point they waited for a lull in the search.

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“Quite frankly, the plane coverage bought us some of that time, so that in April when we finally had it — I mean, we didn’t sit on it very long,” Griffin said. “Once there was a news hole opening we were ready to go.”

“The criticism of CNN is silly, about the planes,” a producer for Anderson Cooper 360 told POLITICO. “The reality is we can walk and chew gum at the same time, we can do the plane, we can also do this work and do both exceedingly well.”


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