comScore WATCH: CNN Reporters and Anchors Call Out Trump and Spicer as Liars

WATCH: CNN Reporters and Anchors Call Out Trump and Spicer as Liars

CNN Tonight focused on Sean Spicer‘s first outing as President Trump‘s press secretary, and it quickly became a discussion about how often Trump and Spicer distort the truth.

In response to Spicer’s explosive rant about the media’s misrepresentation of Trump’s inauguration crowd sizes, Jim Acosta went through the various indicators which prove that Trump did not get the crowds his predecessors did. Acosta also remarked that it will be a significant problem if Spicer continues to pick fights with the media and present false facts without providing anything to back up the Trump Administration’s arguments.

From there, Don Lemon pointed out that the video and photographic evidence shows that Obama’s first inauguration crowds beat out Trump’s by a significant degree. CNN executive editor Mark Preston followed up on this by saying crowd sizes aside, the bigger issue at play was that Trump “chose to send his spokesperson out to blatantly lie.”

Jim Sciutto agreed that Spicer put out “a big massive lie,” though he pointed out that Trump also “told a narrative contrary to the facts about who created the dispute with the intelligence agencies, which was him.” Sciutto was referring to the speech Trump gave to the CIA today, which came after weeks of dismissing their findings about how Russia meddled with the 2016 election.

“What if Donald Trump orders troops into battle and they die? Do we trust the White House to speak about that honestly if they lie about this?” Sciutto wondered. “If on day one you’re willing to tell two inaccuracies like that on issues that don’t matter that much, or matter less than when real stuff starts happening, that’s a concern.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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