CNN Reports: IRS Also Targeted ‘Progressive’ Groups For Tax-Exempt Applications

With the new acting commissioner of the IRS Daniel Werfel releasing the first report on the agency’s targeting of conservative groups comes a big revelation: liberal groups received very similar treatment. CNN’s Dana Bash reported Monday afternoon that the term “progressive” was used by the IRS, in addition to conservative buzz words like “tea party” and “patriot” to identify applications by groups for tax-exempt status.

As Bash pointed out, “this is a very big development with regard to the IRS controversy because of course we have seen hearings and investigations for months now looking into why conservative groups were targeted.” Now that it has been revealed that the IRS targeted liberal groups as well, it will be much harder to make the case the actions were politically motivated in one direction.

Answering Wolf Blitzer‘s question about what took these “critically important revelation” to come out, Bash called it “perplexing” but explained that it is happening today because the IRS just concluded its own internal investigation. She also reported the that memos for IRS agents to “be on the lookout” for particular groups (or “BOLO’s” as they are often called) have officially been suspended.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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