Christopher: CNN Reports on the ‘Silver Lining’ for Obamacare in Latest Poll

It looks like the massive battleship of CNN’s negative Obamacare coverage is starting to turn, but in a really weird way. On Wednesday morning’s New Day, reporter John King discussed the results of a new CNN/ORC poll with co-hosts Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo, and found a “silver lining” for Obamacare within that poll’s superficially dreadful numbers. The sliver lining he identifies, however, has been there all along, and if anything, is somewhat weatherbeaten at this point.

During their “Political Gut Check” segment, New Day’s Kate Bolduan asked King to analyze a new CNN/ORC poll that shows “58% saying they oppose the law, 40% say they favor it,” adding “That seems status quo, really, over the same opposition that the law has faced over the same few months.”

King said that “you will hear some Republicans that say nearly 6 in 10 Americans oppose the health care law,” but added that “most of them will probably leave out the key asterisk,” which is that “14% opposed because they think it’s not liberal enough, these who wanted a single payor system. Those people on the left probably saying to President Obama ‘I told so, you went with a market based system that is very complicated.”

Combined with those who favor the law, that’s 54% who support the law, or want it to go further than it did, placing those who would repeal it in the minority.

Cuomo then said that a lot of the opposition to Obamacare is based on “fear of the unknown,” and asked “How much legitimate push back is, yes, the rollout stinks, but the predictions that are all negative are hard to substantiate.”

“That’s the argument the President is trying to make, blame me, we blew the rollout, but have patience, you’ll like the plan, and unlike most politicians in Washington, the American people seem to have an open mind,” King replied. “Will problems facing health care law eventually be solved? Yes, 54%. no, 45%. So there is an open mind among the public. So if you’re the White House, you’re thinking that is a tough verdict for the American people, and yet again, they’re pretty open minded. The president blew it, let’s see if he can get it right. A majority there 54%. So a potential silver lining here. If they get it right, there is a potential silver lining that they can say, okay, learned our lesson.”

It’s good to see CNN making the effort to contextualize polling on Obamacare, but the silver lining King identifies isn’t a new thing. Consistent majorities have always either supported the law or thought it should be more liberal, and even at the height of blistering anti-Obamacare coverage, two-thirds of Americans did not think the rollout was a sign of long-term problems. The on;y thing that has changed is that CNN is reporting it now, when those silver lining numbers have actually slipped a little.

Here’s the clip, from New Day:

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