CNN Security Analyst: Mueller Report Will Disclose How Trump and Family are Compromised by Russians


CNN contributor and security analyst Juliette Kayyem says the double news bombshells over the weekend are important for how they put perspective on the FBI’s investigations regarding President Trump and Russia.

In the last few days, New York Times and Washington Post reported that the FBI has debated whether Trump was “following directions” from Russia, and that he also raised eyebrows among officials by concealing the details of his Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin. When Ana Cabrera asked Kayyem about this on Sunday, she said the reporting justifies the FBI’s investigations on Trump, and it illustrates how Robert Mueller‘s probe has multiple layers to it.

“I think what we have learned from the initiation of the counterintelligence investigation by the FBI is that all three [layers] are in some way connected,” Kayyem said. “I personally think that what Mueller is heading to, is not only the indictments…but also a report that discloses the extent to which Trump and his family are compromised by the Russians.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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