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CNN Strangely Opts For Mick Jagger Over Primary Election Coverage

CNN, the most trusted name in news, made the puzzling decision last night to cut into their Super Senate Tuesday Magic Wall coverage for an hour of Larry King and….Mick Jagger. It’s all the more strange considering CNN has traditionally had strong election night coverage, and the Jagger interview was taped. Or maybe their thinking was they’d be the go-to for people not interested in the primary returns, you know, in case they don’t get network TV.

Nevertheless, between the hours of 9pm and 10pm last night CNN was all about Mick Jagger who can perhaps relate to Sarah Palin‘s we’re all Arizonans now remark in ways she did not intend. According to Jagger he still has problems entering the United States due to a 40-year-old drug bust. Said Jagger: “Every time I come to the United States I still have to sort of go to the special place.” Sadly not the sort of “special place” one might normally associate with a internationally famous rock star.

Yes, yes, even though it’s 40-something years ago. The marijuana conviction, yes. I have to go into a room.

This exchange naturally leads into a discussion about whether or not to legalize marijuana. Video below.

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