CNN Takes Weinergate Banality To New Depths: ‘Anthony Weiner Running Errands’

The putrid story of how a New York Congressman spent his days sending lewd pictures of himself to women he didn’t know has captivated the hearts and turned the stomachs of America for almost three weeks now, and CNN has taken to following every minute detail of this story with zeal. Did you know that, today, Rep. Anthony Weiner “came out, walking down the street like so many people do”? Yes, it’s true.

CNN’s TJ Holmes broke the story with a reporter on sight at a location where, we suppose, Rep. Weiner may have walked by. And neither journalist left out any of the shocking details of this story: “you run your errands, you go to the grocery story, do the ATM,” Holmes recounted, adding more and more layers to the stinky onion that is this story. Among other important details to Rep. Weiner’s wild day in public, supporters, detractors, and reporters alike seemed to have noticed him outside and attempted to interact with him. Truly shocking stuff.

The breathtaking report, if you can handle it, via CNN below:


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