CNN: Would Rick Perry Really Skip Future Debates?

Appearing on John King, USA Wednesday night, Rick Perry‘s communications director, Ray Sullivan, suggested that Perry might skip some upcoming debates, believing that he would be better served campaigning in key states instead of trying to get a message out in 60-second clips. “When you’ve got eight or nine candidates and 30 seconds to a minute, it takes valuable time away from campaigning,” Sullivan said, pointing out that there are 18 more debates in the works.

“There’s no way that the candidates can do all those debates,” Sullivan said.

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Sullivan noted that meetings and town halls with regular citizens in places like Iowa produce better questions than those from debate moderators. And with primary voting beginning in just about 60 days, Sullivan wondered if Perry’s time was better spent being on the ground meeting people directly instead of on stage, fighting for speaking time. He did confirm that Perry will be present at the Nov. 9 debate, but said they’ll take the rest of them on a case-by-case basis.

King then turned to Jon Huntsman’s move earlier this month of skipping the Nevada debate, hoping to curry favor with New Hampshire voters. “Let me just say kindly — it didn’t work,” King said of NH polls since the debate.

Enjoy the video of the segment, which also features an unnecessary Dana Loesch dig at Bill Paxton, below, courtesy of CNN:

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