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CNN/ORC Poll Shows 37% Of Romney Vote Is ‘Votes Against Obama’

On Monday, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield highlighted CNN/ORC poll numbers showing that, when it comes to support for President Barack Obama this election, 86% of those voting for him are doing so because they genuinely like and agree with him, while 12% report that they’re simply casting a vote against Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, 62% of those voting for Romney are doing so because they like and support him, with 37% admitting that they’re casting a vote against Obama.

Red State’s Erick Erickson shared that he’s one such voter — he’s “come to terms with” candidate Romney, and, while he didn’t support him throughout the GOP primaries, he’s going to vote for him as a vote against Obama.

As for what a relatively quiet Tea Party means for Romney this election, Erickson believes that the Independent vote counts Tea Party voters within its fold — those who are not necessarily affiliated with the Republican party, but are throwing their support behind Romney and the GOP ticket.

Check it out, via CNN:

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