CNN’s Abby Phillip: Trump Hired Matt Whitaker as Acting AG Because of His Anti-Mueller Rants on TV


Matt Whitaker was, until Wednesday, the Chief of Staff for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But in a public firing that left was impossibly both unsurprising and shocking, Whitaker was named his former bosses temporary replacement as Acting AG, which has brought a level of scrutiny that reportedly left the White House surprised.

Reporting for CNN’s New Day, Abby Phillip revealed that the White House didn’t thoroughly vet Whitaker’s background, overlooking numerous times in which Whitaker publicly decried the very Special Counsel investigation he oversees.

But she also revealed another bit of data that is impossibly shocking and surprising at the same time: President Donald Trump put the Acting AG in his current position because he liked what saw Whitaker say on television.

Phillip reported, “the reason Matt Whitaker is in this position at the Justice Department is literally because he caught the attention of the President and the people in the White House because of what he was saying about Mueller.”

Host Alisyn Camerota interrupted to clarify “on TV,” Phillip clarified “on television.”

Phillip continued “So that should not come as a surprise to folks at the White House. But of course, going from that point in which he gets a job at the Justice Department to being the acting attorney general, there was obviously a disconnect in whether or not people really thought through the legality of this and how it would work.”

Former Counselor to US Assistant Attorney General Carrie Cordero added that “the only reason to appoint someone like Matt Whitaker to that position is to put a political hack in place in order to cabin the investigation.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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