CNN’s Acosta and Lemon Praise Fox News Host for Calling Out Trump: ‘Kudos to Cavuto’


On Thursday night, CNN’s Don Lemon and Jim Acosta praised rival network Fox News’ Neil Cavuto for calling out President Donald Trump for his repeated inconsistent claims and false statements.

Earlier on Thursday, Cavuto used Fox News airtime to lecture Trump for his constant flip-flops and inconsistencies that fuel the “fake news” media.

“I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink you’re creating. That’s your doing,” Cavuto concluded after reciting a lengthy laundry list of Trump’s false statements he insisted just make Trump look bad. “That’s your stink, Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”

In response, Lemon literally clapped for Cavuto’s response.

Acosta then suggested that the Cavuto lecture was just the beginning and the cracks of Trump support are starting to show.

“I think when you’ve lost Fox News, you’re starting to lose the Fox News viewership. And a lot of people call Fox News state TV,” Acosta said. “There are cracks. The jamming radar is not quite working on the top of the Fox News headquarters tonight if Neil Cavuto is calling out the president,” Acosta said.

He added: The fact just don’t line up. And kudos to Cavuto for calling the president out. My guess is, Don, is we’re going to be seeing more of that. I think you’re going to see more defections from the state-supported media in this country the MAGA-phone as I call it…that just pump out what the president wants them to say on a daily basis.”

Acosta concluded: “I think you’re going to see that slowly but surely across the conservative media spectrum because there are people who are just saying, you know what, this just doesn’t add up anymore and we’re not going to play along with this.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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