CNN’s Acosta Blasts Fox News for Doing ‘Nothing’ About Tucker Carlson’s ‘Dangerous’ Rhetoric: ‘Millions of People Absorb This Garbage’


CNN anchor Jim Acosta sharply criticized Fox News on Sunday for doing “nothing” to stop Tucker Carlson‘s “dangerous” rhetoric.

In the wake of the Buffalo supermarket shooting, which authorities have deemed “a straight-up racially-motivated hate crime,” Acosta aired clips of Carlson pushing the “great replacement theory,” which alleges that Democrats are trying to replace the current electorate with third-world voters.

According to reports, the 18-year-old Buffalo shooter drove more than 200 miles to the supermarket to target a predominantly Black neighborhood. The Washington Post reported that in his manifesto, the gunman cited the conspiracy theory that White people are intentionally being replaced.

“Those are just a few examples,” Acosta said of the Carlson compilation, adding moments later, “When the New York Times recently ran an expose on Carlson’s record of promoting white nationalism and replacement theory, he tweeted out…a picture of himself holding up the article, the front page of the New York Times, and laughing about it.”

Acosta then told his guest, NAACP President Derrick Johnson, that “millions of people absorb this garbage on a regular basis on his program” and “Fox does nothing about it — they make millions of dollars off of it.”

In response, Johnson called on the NFL to “stand up and tell NewsCorp to drop Fox News, stop funding them.”

Later, at the end of the segment, Acosta remarked that “it is just despicable” to see people in positions of power animating “domestic terrorists to inflict the kind of harm that we saw in Buffalo.”

Watch above, via CNN

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