CNN’s Acosta on Trump’s Bizarre WH Attack on Biden: Never Seen a POTUS ‘Turn the Rose Garden Into a Campaign Rally’ Like That Before


CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta called out President Donald Trump for executing a presidential bait-and-switch, promising the press corps a “news conference” on China, but then taking only a few questions after giving a nearly hour-long, campaign rally-like attack on Joe Biden, protestors, and China.

Speaking on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,Acosta told the eponymous host that, in his eight years covering the White House: “I’ve never seen a president turn the Rose Garden into a campaign rally the way President Trump did in the last — more than an hour.”

“This is obviously the campaign rally he wanted to have in New Hampshire that his campaign wasn’t able to have last weekend,” Acosta said of the low-energy, rambling speech that often went off on wild tangents. “He instead decided to have it here in the rose garden. You can just go through line by line, section by section of what the president had to say here in almost the same fashion we do with the campaign rallies to debunk, you know, the myths, the lies, the stretching of the truth and so on. That is what took place here in the Rose Garden.

“Starting on China, the president went after China repeatedly throughout this what he called a news conference. It was barely a news conference,” Acosta said. “You know, the president sounded at times like he was the challenger running against an incumbent in the 2020 election. He has had over three years to solve these problems with China. He was praising China for its handling of the virus at the beginning of this pandemic as most Americans should know by now.”

“One thing that just stood out as a bald-faced lie in terms of what the president had to say, at one point he suggested the wall was almost completed down at the border,” Acosta said, fact-checking Trump. “This gets to the extent of what John Harwood was saying a few moments ago there was almost a rambling unhinged quality to what the president was trying to say here in the Rose Garden. He was also trying to make the case he’s been on top of this virus from day one when in reality, Wolf, the virus has been on top of him.”

“He spent much of the time, the bulk of the time that he had here for this event attacking Joe Biden, trying to rewrite history and essentially create a fairy tale of his own handling of the coronavirus when in fact it’s been a gross mishandling of the pandemic,” Acosta said, summing up. “Make no mistake, this wasn’t really a news conference. The White House can call it a press conference, this was another one of those rambling, incoherent rally speeches that we see the president give out on the campaign trail.”

Acosta reiterated his criticism on Twitter, claiming Trump “soiled” the Rose Garden with his nakedly political attack.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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