CNN’s Ali Velshi Challenges Grover Norquist On Tax Pledge ‘More Important Than Health Of Economy’

President of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, is angering many who believe his “no new taxes” pledge signed by most Republicans is the primary roadblock for getting a deal done on raising the debt ceiling. CNN’s Ali Velshi demonstrated some of his frustration about Norquist’s unwavering position and concluded Norquist was “unreasonable” for blaming the entire debt situation on President Obama’s administration.

Velshi argued that the debt problem is much larger than merely Obama’s stimulus plan and anything else Obama did. And even though Norquist was willing to admit “the Bush spending was bad and too high,” he kept the focus on Obama. Norquist replied that Obama’s spending each year continues to add unprecedented and unacceptable amounts to the deficit.

The fundamental question in Velshi’s view though was wondering “why is preserving the inability to increase taxes more important than the overall health of the economy?” Of course Norquist’s view is that raising taxes directly harms the economy. Yet regardless of what Norquist personally believes, the influence of his organization is undeniable as it continues to successfully force Republicans to honor their tax pledge, no matter the circumstances.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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