CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: ‘Why Are We Still Debating’ Whether Trump’s Rhetoric Leads to Violence?


CNN host Alisyn Camerota had a question on Tuesday: why are we still debating whether the president’s rhetoric leads to violence?

On New Day, co-host John Berman pointed out that Trump’s rhetoric has not cooled since pipe bombs were mailed to his critics by a supporter, and a gunman fearful of immigration killed 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“But only look at what he has said since,” Berman said. “Since those attacks, he’s called the press the enemy of the people. Since those attacks, he’s said ‘thief’ about Andrew Gillum. You know, since those attacks, he called Tom Steyer a lunatic. That’s all since.”

“He’s still talking about globalists, which is a dog whistle for anti-Semites,” CNN political commentator Joe Lockhart added. “He’s still going after George Soros, another dog whistle for anti-Semites. Donald Trump doesn’t change. He might have moments where he reads the paper in front of him, but he won’t change. I mean, if the largest slaughter of American Jews in American history won’t change his attitude and his rhetoric, nothing will”

Camerota asked: “Joe, why are we still debating whether or not a president of the United States’ words have any impact? And why are we still debating whether or not inflammatory words lead to hostility which lead to violent actions? History books are filled with this continuum. We know all of this.”

She then called out the comparisons of the current political violence to the Congressional baseball shooting, where a Bernie Sanders fan shot and nearly killed Republican Rep. Steve Scalise.

Noting that the president’s defenders have argued that like Sanders, Trump cannot be blamed for violent acts committed by his supporters, Camerota added that Bernie Sanders never said he hated and called fr violence against Republican baseball players.

Watch above, via CNN.

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