CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: Ivanka is ‘Becoming Like Hillary Clinton in the Worst Ways’


CNN political commentator and former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter said tonight that Ivanka Trump is “becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways.”

“She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable,” Carpenter said, “she keeps trying to get these jobs that she’s not qualified for based on family connections, and every time when given the chance she’s asked about President Trump‘s poor track record towards women, she defends the bad conduct that he has exhibited in the past.”

Carpenter was discussing the First Daughter’s less-than-positive reception during a women’s conference in Germany, but Erin Elmore––a former Apprentice contestant who worked on the Trump campaign––brought up how many women voted for the president.

Carpenter said it’s a “joke” that Ivanka is being held up as a symbol of female empowerment “when she’s gotten everything in her life because of her father.” She also observed that foreign leaders don’t appreciate being put in the position of having to “babysit the First Daughter on these national stages.”

Elmore defended Ivanka and Trump’s other adult children by saying that compared to the children of other celebrities, “You don’t see them on the cover of tabloid magazines. You don’t see them falling out of nightclubs and into taxis. You don’t see them with mugshots.”

Carpenter again insisted that Ivanka is “mak[ing] herself” like Clinton. Elmore shot back that only a “very small number of people” buy into that negative narrative about the First Daughter instead of the “true narrative.”

Last month Carpenter battled Kayleigh McEnany on-air over the First Daughter getting a formal White House role. She said this is clearly nepotism because Ivanka isn’t qualified.

Watch above, via CNN.

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