CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, Jason Miller Get Heated Over Trump, FBI Spying: ‘Give Me a Break’


CNN commentators Amanda Carpenter and Jason Miller had a major slugfest tonight while debating whether the FBI acted appropriately as they monitored President Trump‘s 2016 campaign.

The clash happened while the two took part in a panel discussion about the Justice Department’s announcement today after Rod Rosenstein met with Trump today to address the claims of his campaign’s infiltration by the FBI. Carpenter said Trump is getting what he wants because “we are sucked into this fake debate about spies” and the FBI’s integrity, rather than their reasons for looking into Trump’s campaign.

After Carpenter cycled through the developments that prompted suspicion of Trump’s relationship with Russia, Miller accused either the FBI or DOJ of running an “outright entrapment campaign” against the mogul.

“Based on what?!” Carpenter shot back, asking Miller whether he acknowledged the underlying reasons for the FBI’s actions. The two continued to go off on each other while arguing whether the FBI’s informant constituted spying, getting into a bit of a shouting match.

“Answer my question about George Papadopoulos,” Carpenter shouted. “So the FBI should not have looked into that? When they get a tip from our allies that someone had prior knowledge of this cyberwarfare campaign against our country?…Give me a break.”

Carpenter accused Miller of filibustering when he tried to spin away to Bill Clinton‘s meeting with Loretta Lynch, and…things just spilled out from there as the rest of the panel watched in amusement.

Watch above, via CNN.

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