CNN’s Carpenter Trashes Kushner’s Immigration Plan: It’ll Be ‘Flushed Down the Toilet By Talk Radio’ in Two Seconds


Amanda Carpenter is not even a little impressed with Jared Kushner‘s immigration plan.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Lead, the conservative commentator lit fire to the Kushner plan for not sufficiently addressing the issue of what to do about the large number of migrants at the border seeking admittance into the United States.

“What Jared Kushner is working on, like, who are you trying to fool?” Carpenter said. “The raging debate over immigration has not been over the Visa point system. It’s been about securing the border, number one. And then, number two, what are you going to do with the people there? And Jared Kushner sticking his head in the sand and looking like, ‘oh, we’re doing something, but not actually doing it.’ That is a joke!”

Carpenter had much kinder words for a proposal from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — which she believes to be a much more realistic solution to the problem.

Kushner? Not so much.

“I give props to Lindsey Graham for actually trying to focus in on [the problems],” Carpenter said. “But what Jared Kushner is doing, it’s going to get flushed down the toilet by talk radio in about two seconds. And they should just quit wasting their time.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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