CNN’s Ana Cabrera Calls Out Trump Campaign Advisor Over Illegal Votes Claim: ‘You’re Not Speaking About Facts’

During a heated exchange on CNN on Sunday, host Ana Cabrera called out Trump Campaign Advisor Jeff Ballabon for not speaking about facts.

It happened during a conversation about the Florida recount.

“Sure, every vote should count. Every legal vote should count,” Ballabon opined. “But we know here illegal votes were put in the mix and, of course, they shouldn’t count.”

Cabrera then asked where his facts about illegal votes were coming from.

“No one is disputing that illegal votes were mixed in with legal votes,” Ballabon claimed.

“I don’t think anybody’s agreed to that,” Cabrera replied.

Then when Ballabon persisted on with his claims, political commentator Angela Rye jumped in to refute his claims, noting that there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Ballobon then insisted Democrats are arguing for illegal votes to be counted, a claim that has also been heard on Fox News.

“I have not heard anybody argue illegal votes should be counted,” Cabrera told him. “I’ve got to end the conversation.”

“Noncitizen votes are illegal votes,” Ballabon interjected.

“I’m sorry, you’re not speaking about facts right now,” Cabrera replied.

Finally, after the Trump campaign advisor tried to say his facts were on CNN’s website, Cabrera pushed back:  “That is not on CNN’s website. There is no evidence of large-scale voter fraud happening.”

Watch above, via CNN

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