CNN’s Cabrera Slams Trump: He Didn’t Go to Vietnam ‘Until His 70’s’ With ‘Secret Service Protection’

On Sunday, CNN host Ana Cabrera slammed President Donald Trump‘s lack of military service.

Cabrera starting by playing a clip of acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney claiming Trump was not a white supremacist.

“That defense still doesn’t answer why the president has yet to denounce anti-Muslim attacks and hatred himself,” Cabrera noted after the clip ended.  “The president did use his direct line to the American people to take more cheap shots at an American war hero who’s not even alive to defend himself.”

She then pointed to the fact Trump slammed the late  Senator John McCain for a second time this weekend on Twitter, something that even one of Trump’s staunchest defenders, Senator Lindsey Graham, took exception to in a tweet.

After reading Graham’s tweet, Cabrera added that the Senator’s position is “clearly not a position held by the president.”

She then said this about Trump’s military service: “[Trump] did, to his credit, go to Vietnam, although not until he was in his 70s and with Secret Service protection.”

She then stressed that “other Republican voices today have been quiet on President Trump’s John McCain attacks.”

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