CNN’s Angela Rye Calls Out David Urban in Heated Clash on Haley: ‘Cut the Crap!’


A CNN segment on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s potential replacements melted down after commentators David Urban and Angela Rye got into a shouting match over who used more time talking.

The segment — which aired on Cuomo Prime Time — began ramping up after Urban, who is a former Trump campaign adviser, repeatedly name dropped the “quite capable” Dina Powell as a potential replacement for Haley, as she announced her plans to resign today.

After going on about Powell for some time, Cuomo turned to the liberal side of the panel for analysis.

“I think Donald Trump needs people around him who can hold him accountable to help him find the higher ground because he struggles to find that whether it’s on Twitter, in a press conference or in some other venue,” Rye said. “He absolutely needs someone around him who will tell him the harsh real truth.”

Before she could finish her point, Urban jumped in and cut her off, but Rye quickly shut him down: “David, David, David, David, David, David, David, you talked.”

“Angela, you can’t talk all night!” Urban shot back.

Cumo — as always — attempted to play umpire and tone down the conversation, saying, “Alright, alright, one point at a time.”

However, Rye wasn’t done going after Urban for hogging the segment’s time.

“Let’s just run that back just on time,” she said. “I cannot wait to run that moment back. Let’s compare, minute-to-minute, how much you talked tonight, especially over Chris. Cut the crap.”

The argument continued with Urban suggesting that the Trump administration may have trouble getting a potential new ambassador through the Senate — despite Republicans controlling a majority — which both Rye and Cuomo laughed off.

“This is interesting,” Rye joked. “Twilight Zone tonight, Chris. Twilight Zone.”

As that argument started to defuse, Urban turned his crosshairs on Cuomo, accusing the CNN host of calling their “mutual friend” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway “weak” — a remark Cuomo never made. Urban claimed Cuomo suggested that Conway is weak because the host noted that she does not push back against the president’s most offensive rhetoric.

“Chris, you want to call Kellyanne weak?” Urban said. “That’s fine, I think she’s a very strong woman.”

“You can put words in my mouth as much as you want, I didn’t say it,” Cuomo responded. “That’s why you’re not the comms director. You’re not great at this messaging thing. You just throw stuff out there with no basis in fact.”

“This is good, I feel like I’m watching the great debate tonight,” Rye commented.

Watch above, via CNN.

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