CNN’s Arwa Damon: Russian Solution to Syria Crisis ‘Not Realistic’ or ‘Executable’

Live on the ground in Lebanon, CNN reporter Arwa Damon told anchor Ashleigh Banfield on Tuesday that the proposed diplomatic resolution to the Syrian crisis was resonating in the Middle East. Damon said that the proposal, for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons into international custody and permit an inspections regime, may not be realistic.

“Syria is believed to have one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world,” Damon reported. “It is a warzone.”

“You can’t just walk in there, secure them, load them on to a bunch of trucks and ships and take them out of the country to be destroyed,” she continued. “They’re presumably going to have to be destroyed on site in the midst of a civil war.”

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Damon said that a peacekeeping force of upwards of 200,000 would be required to protect international weapons inspectors overseeing this solution. The inspection team itself, she said, would “number in the thousands.”

Furthermore, since the West began threatening action against Syria, the Assad regime has dispersed its chemical weapons all over the country.

“So, it’s a massive undertaking,” Damon reported. “And it may not even be, when it comes to the logistics, actually realistic and executable by any stretch of the imagination.”

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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