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CNN’s Bakari Sellers: John Bolton’s Being a ‘Coward’ Who’d Rather ‘Write a Book Than Testify’

CNN contributor Bakari Sellers told a panel on State of the Union Sunday that former National Security Adviser John Bolton is a “coward” for refusing to testify in the impeachment inquiry.

“We need to acknowledge that there is no reason and that this may be ancillary, that all of John Bolton’s staff had the courage to come and testify over the last two weeks, but he’s being a coward and not doing so. He’d rather write a book than testify,” Sellers said.

The panel moderated by Jake Tapper was mainly focused on discussing what was uncovered in the impeachment inquiry.

“The phone call was not perfect. It was not a perfect phone call,” former GOP Rep. Mia Love said of President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine.

“I think that Republicans might have gotten themselves in this situation by not being able to go out and tell the president hey, step back a little bit on this. Step back a little bit on this,” she continued.

The panel did disagree on whether Trump’s conduct was impeachable, with Love and former Sen. Rick Santorum arguing Trump didn’t undertake impeachable conduct and Sellers and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm arguing Trump should be impeached.

Watch above, via CNN.

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