CNN’s Ben Wedeman Describes Bomb Attack That Nearly Hit CNN Crew

CNN’s Ben Wedeman, who was the first American television journalist to cross into Libya, got a frightening look at the government’s attempts to put down dissent–capturing a bombing run by a military aircraft in the area of al-Brega, an gas and oil destination. Describing the attack to CNN’s Eliot Spitzer on In The Arena, Wedeman said “we were outside the town with a group of opposition fighters…when we saw a Libyan air force jet fly overhead.”

The jet’s run, captured on tape by CNN photojournalist Mary Rogers, dropped a bomb outside the town, then returned and continued the attack, with one bomb falling within a hundred feet of Wedeman and crew. “A little too close for comfort,” said Wedeman, who said nobody was hurt in the bombing, though an attack later in the day, again involving a bomb dropped by aircraft near CNN’s crew, did leave several people–but none of the American journalists–injured.

Watch the bombing video here, from CNN:

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