CNN’s Berman Confronts Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Rhetoric Following Bomb Threats, Synagogue Shooting


CNN’s John Berman confronted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric since bombs were sent to prominent Democrats by one of his supporters, and a gunman, apparently enraged by immigration, killed 11 at a Pennsylvania synagogue.

Berman noted that despite Trump’s calls for the country to “come together,” his remarks since those events have been inconsistent.

“He called Tom Steyer, who received a bomb last week in the mail, a ‘lunatic,'” Berman said of Trump, who has also attacked Maxine Waters, the media, and bizarrely, the manager of the LA Dodgers.

“If you say we’re being ‘slice and diced’ as a culture, as a society, doesn’t the president have a role in that too?” Berman asked.

“The president is trying to heal the country,” Conway replied. “You’re cherry picking certain tweets. I mean in the case of Maxine Waters, she went first.”

Conway called out the rhetoric from Trump’s critics, before adding, “It’s come from CNN.”

“It doesn’t come from CNN,” Berman shot back.

Conway went on to bash Steyer, a Democratic donor, for his efforts to push the impeachment of Trump.

“So Kellyanne, is it safe to say that the president will not change the manner he has spoken in regards to these people?” Berman asked.

Conway replied will a list of things CNN has said about Trump on the network. “You should feel some shame too,” she said.

Berman went on to read part of an op-ed written by Patti Davis, the daughter of Ronald Reagan:

“This president will never offer comfort, compassion or empathy to a grieving nation,” Davis wrote for the Washington Post. “It’s not in him. When questioned after a tragedy, he will always be glib and inappropriate. So I have a wild suggestion: Let’s stop asking him. His words are only salt in our wounds.”

Watch Conway’s response above, via CNN.

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