CNN’s Berman Rips Trump Admin’s Defense of Migrant Children Policy: ‘It’s a Lie’


John Berman went after the White House on Tuesday for constantly denying that President Trump is responsible for the immigration policies breaking up migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

As he analyzed the current situation in the south, Berman explained that the Trump Administration “chose” a policy that takes children away from their parent, even if they insist it’s not a policy, blame congressional inaction, or point to nonexistent Democrat laws. Berman also pointed out how Kirstjen Nielsen and Jeff Sessions are putting out mixed messages as they try to justify the policy and explain whether or not its supposed to be a “deterrent.”

“The White House chose this. Not the Bible. Not the Democrats,” Berman said. “They can argue it’s the right choice. Even a necessary choice. Have at it. Defend it. Call it by its name. You think the 2,000 kids looking for their parents right now care whether you call it a policy? This claim that it’s a not-wanted, not-policy, not-deterrent and the President can’t end it this second, well, that’s just not believable, not true, and not honest. It’s a lie.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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