CNN’s Bolduan Presses GOP Rep. for Not Holding Town Halls: Are You ‘Avoiding Constituents’?

CNN’s Kate Bolduan spoke to Congressman Dan Donovan this morning and asked him about not holding town halls. She brought up how some people have put up “MISSING” signs in response.

She asked Donovan, “Are you avoiding town halls over this? Are you avoiding constituents?”

Donovan said he’s not avoiding constituents, pointing to the meetings he’s held in his office, but he brought up how when he was at an event hosted by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce protesters showed up.

Donovan called them “professional protesters” and said it made having a real dialogue difficult, telling Bolduan that such disruptions are “unfair” to everyone else showing up. He said he’s doing tele-town halls with people for now so he can answer people’s questions “without disruption.”

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]


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