CNN’s Borger: Obama Attacked Syria Because He Was ‘Up Against a Deadline’

CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger suggested Tuesday afternoon that President Barack Obama struck against the Khorasan group in Syria because the intelligence that they were near the execution stage of an attack forced his hand.

“If you look back a year ago, when the president was deciding whether or not to use air strikes in Syria over the issue of chemical weapons, he couldn’t get the support of Congress, he couldn’t form a coalition, and he backed off,” Borger told Wolf‘s Wolf Blitzer, according to one version of events.

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“I think the difference this time around is he has a coalition of Arab nations and also one other important thing here to him is this Khorasan problem,” she continued. “Their plotting reached what one would call an advanced stage. And this is a president who has said these terrorists will not have any safe haven. I think he found himself up against a deadline. He had to act and he found a coalition willing to act with him because they have a mutual enemy.”

Earlier Fox News’ Ed Henry suggested that Congress’ vacation may also have contributed to the timing of the strike.

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

[Image via screengrab]

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