CNN’s Brian Karem Goes Off on Trump’s Border Wall ‘Garbage’: ‘Monument to His Self-Aggrandizement’


On Thursday, Playboy Magazine White House correspondent and CNN contributor Brian Karem hammered President Trump over his border wall “garbage.”

As the government shutdown over the wall’s funding rages on, Karem took part in a discussion about Trump’s refusal to accept alternatives to his demands for border security. As the panel discussed the wall being a core element of Trump’s platform, Karem went off, calling it “a crock from start to finish,” and characterized the wall as a Trump vanity project rather than a security endeavor.

“It’s garbage. This whole issue is a monument to his self-aggrandizement, it always has been. It will never stop terrorism, it won’t stop drugs…It’s not going to cure illegal immigration because many illegal immigrants are here because they over stay Visas. What this is all about, what it actually turned out being was a political ploy and a political issue because Republicans believe those people that come over illegally…eventually end up voting Democrat, and they want to avoid the influx of Democratic voters. This issue is the biggest crock on the agenda of the president and always has been and always will be.”

Karen also argued that border “can’t” be walled, certainly not 2,000 miles long as Trump demands, and immigrants have ways of illegally entering America in ways that a wall won’t stop them. He also said “nobody trusts the president on this issue,” he and mocked Trump for supposedly caving to the anger of Ann Coulter and other members of his anti-immigration base.

Watch above, via CNN.

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