CNN’s Brian Stelter Believes Oprah’s 60 Minutes Gig Was Her ‘Audition Tape’ For 2020


On Tuesday night, CNN’s Brian Stelter appeared on Comedy Central’s The Opposition to discuss a variety of subjects, notably Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes.

After beginning with Alex Jones’s colorful comments about Stelter being a “literal demon spawn,” Jordan Klepper moved to Oprah, asking whether or not she was actually going to run in 2020. The Reliable Sources host theorized that her potential journey to the presidency began long before Winfrey gave her speech on Sunday.

“I have thought for the past year — and I really thought for the past year — that she was thinking about it,” Stelter said. “Here’s why; she got this gig on CBS, on 60 Minutes, and I thought to myself, ‘she’s trying to unite the country’ and all of her segments were about ‘bridging the divide’ and meeting people that were disaffected. I think that’s actually her audition tape for running for president.”

Klepper told Stelter that the media has “just jumped on” the whole Oprah 2020 narrative and asked if they were “covering this thing correctly.” Stelter responded that he called her friends, confidants and business associates “the minute she finished her speech” and it was clear to him by the next morning that she “really is thinking about it” and that her friends are “urging her to run.”

“They don’t know if she’ll actually do it. I don’t think she knows if she’s going to run, but she’s actually thinking about it.” Stelter continued. “That’s why I think it’s a real story.”

The Opposition host followed up by asking Stelter if he had Gayle King’s phone number, which he declined to answer because he “can’t talk about” his sources.

“Because you have reliable sources?” Klepper joked.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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